Monday, April 20, 2009

Is this normal or what?

%26quot;So what do you want to do honey?%26quot; Nancy asked. We were in her car. %26quot;I dont know.%26quot; I said back. %26quot;How about target?%26quot; She asked. %26quot;No, I dont want to.%26quot; I told her. %26quot;How about dairy queen?%26quot; She asked hopefully. %26quot;Sure.%26quot; I replied. Nancy did her everyday-usually-hairpuff. She is constantly checking her hair in the car all the time. She is obsessed with looking good just like Im obsessed with getting sick. We have a lot in common. %26quot;So what do you think, honey?%26quot; She asked. %26quot;Its good.%26quot; I complimented her. %26quot;That%26#039;s good. She always took me out like once a week. We usually watch movies together, have coffee parties, go to her house and go shopping. I had known her for years. She was such a good friend to me! I looked up to her so much. %26quot;So how old are you?%26quot; I asked. %26quot;Im 56.%26quot; She answered. %26quot;Wow, you only look like 40.%26quot; I told her. She immediatley started laughing really hard. I smiled knowing that she loved me for saying that. That%26#039;s what made it so funny. But she really does look young I think. Then we continued to drive. Once we arrived at dairy queen, we quickly hopped out of the car. We glanced at the menu and decided what we wanted to order. This lady named Crystal asked us what we wanted. %26quot;Hi guys, My name is Crystal. How may I help you?%26quot; She asked politley. %26quot; I will get a vanilla ice cream cone please.%26quot; Nancy told her. Then she asked me what I wanted. %26quot;I will get a chocolate ice cream cone please.%26quot; I ordered. I had learned my good manners from Nancy. She always helped straighten me out. I loved her like a mom and I admired her so much. Then Crystal gave us our cones after five minutes which seemed like forever. We quickly gobbled down our ice cream and wrapped it up. We threw our cones away and jumped into the car. We were on our way to Nancy%26#039;s house. I loved her house so much. Then we started to hit the road. %26quot;So what have you been up to lately honey?%26quot; Nancy asked. I loved it when she called me honey. It made me feel special. That%26#039;s when the questions began. %26quot;Not too much.%26quot; I answered. %26quot;Yeah well not too much either sweets.%26quot; Nancy said as she rummaged through her purse. I started to wonder what she was looking for. Then Nancy%26#039;s phone rang. She dropped her purse and immediatley answered her urgent call waiting. %26quot; Hello.%26quot; Nancy said. She winked at me. She always does that to me when she is on the phone. I could tell that she didn%26#039;t want to keep me waiting. %26quot;Oh really?%26quot; She said all worried. She hung up the phone and started crying. I had never seen Nancy cry before. That%26#039;s when I got alittle worried. %26quot;What%26#039;s wrong?%26quot; I asked all concerned. %26quot;My aunt just died.%26quot; She cried. I dropped my jaw in shock. %26quot;But how?%26quot; I thought. It was too bad to be true. I just sat there. I had no clue what to say. Afew moments later of awkward silence, Nancy started hugging me. %26quot;Oh Alyssa! I love you so much!%26quot; She said crying as she started hugging me. I hugged her back. I couldn%26#039;t beleive what just happened. I was so shocked. Nancy was spending a lot of time on the phone and she was different. The next thing I knew, we were both crying together and cuddling. She let go of me and stared at me for a few seconds. I wondered what she was going to say. %26quot;Now you be a good girl.%26quot; She warned. %26quot;I will.%26quot; I said nodding. I completely understood how she felt at a time like this. This was the first time I had ever seen her in a crisis like this. I was worried about her. We got out of her car and walked into her house. We were having fun already. We always have a blast together. %26quot;Can I go visit the bird?%26quot; I asked. %26quot;Sure.%26quot; Nancy said. I walked over to the birds cage. The birds name was Linday and it was a girl. It was an african grey parrot. %26quot;Hi Lindy!%26quot; I shreeked. Lindy started puffing up her feathers. Her pupils got really big. I could tell that the bird was alittle mad. It does that. I immediatley started to mess with the bird. I knew better than to be doing that!%26quot; I put my face up to the bird. i wanted to get a closer look at the bird because it was so cute. I just wanted to squeeze it so hard. Lindy started to bob her head up and down real fast. She was spitting out her sead all over the floor. Luckily, Nancy was near by when this happened. She knew how to stop Lindy when she is acting up. %26quot;No Lindy! You stop it!%26quot; Nancy scolded. The bird just froze up. I laughed. Lindy always acted goofy when people messed with her or scolded her. That is what made it funny. %26quot;Come on, honey.%26quot; Nancy said as she motioned me to come over into the kitchen with her. %26quot;Can I just have five more minutes with Lindy?%26quot; I begged. %26quot;No. You have had enough of that bird. You spend time with me now.%26quot; She demanded. %26quot;Alrite.%26quot; I agreed. I walked over into the kitchen and sat down at the table with Nancy. We talked for a bit. I showed her my myspace. She thought it was really cool. I even showed her my moms! Then we ate some chocolate cake after being on her laptop. %26quot;Do you want some cake?%26quot; Nancy asked. %26quot;What kind is it?%26quot; I wondered. I hated cake with nuts. Nancy usually bakes that kind of cake. %26quot;Its chocolate.%26quot; She answered. %26quot;Sure.%26quot; I said back. She gave me some cake and set it on the kitchen table. The cake piece she gave me was so big. It even had a candle on it for decoration. %26quot;Thank you.%26quot; I said smiling. %26quot;Your welcome, honey.%26quot; Nancy said as she sat down at the table with me. I told her about the sand dunes that me and dylan go to like all the time. %26quot;Dylan and I went 4wheeling at the sand dunes.%26quot; I told her. She was eating cake also. Nancy gave me a %26quot;Your so cute.%26quot; look. I smiled. I knew that look. I was already getting full when i dreaded the last bite of cake to my mouth. I just stopped eating. Then Nancy noticed that I was finished. %26quot;Do you want some more cake, honey?%26quot; She asked. %26quot;No Im too full.%26quot; I said sighing. %26quot;You eat like a bird. You need to fatten up and gain some weight.%26quot; Nancy said. She was always telling me how skinny I was and how I need to gain weight. I hear that from everybody. %26quot;Okay well i better bring you home, honey.%26quot; Nancy suggested. %26quot;Come on, five more minutes.%26quot; I begged. %26quot;Alrite.%26quot; Nancy finally caved in. I smiled knowing that I could prolly stay for another hour. I started to mess with the bird. I gave her a bath by spraying her with the spray bottle. At the end of the session, Lindy was soaked with water and dripping. I noticed that I overdone it. I stopped spraying the bird. Lindy was already drenched in water. I blowed on the bird to dry her off. She didn%26#039;t like that. So I stopped. When she doesn%26#039;t like something, she bobs her head up and down real fast. Then Nancy snapped her fingers and ordered me to come into the kitchen. %26quot;Alyssa Zuber!%26quot; She yelled. She did that because she knew it made me laugh. I just snapped back at her to mock her. %26quot;Okay, Im coming.%26quot; I said. Her house was so big. It took forever to get from the birds cage to Nancy%26#039;s kitchen. When i went to the table, she had some more cake that stood infront of me. The food nauseated me. %26quot;Oh come on.%26quot; I said annoyed as I rolled my eyes. I was so full from the big piece she gave me earlier. She just put it back into the fridge. Then she walked over to the birds cage and she noticed there was a big mess all over the floor. It was the birds food that she was spitting out. Nancy had a shocked look on her face. I could tell she was about to snap. Just kidding. She was completely fine with it. She puffed her hair again trying to fix it up. There was a mirror on the birds cage that she could look into. One of her sides was really messy. It was really windy that day. So her hair didnt look too good. Nancy just rolled her eyes and stopped messing with her hair at a time like this. She shook her head at Lindy in dissapointment. Nancy bent down and started to clean up the bird food as she scrapped it up into her hands. I offered to help her with it. I am always willing to lend a hand when it comes to cleaning things up. I really didn%26#039;t mind much. %26quot;Thanks, honey.%26quot; She said. %26quot;Oh my back is killing me.%26quot; Nancy groaned as she stood up. %26quot;Oh that sucks.%26quot; I said feeling so bad for her. %26quot;Im really hot and my back is aching really bad. I think I better go lie down.%26quot; Nancy suggested as she walked over to the couch and layed down. She was reading a newspaper about a boy who was murdered in Duluth. She always liked to read sad stories like that. Her favorite thing to do was read. Time went on. It went by way too fast. I was having so much fun already. It was already 7:00. I knew Nancy would be asking me to leave soon. We talked for about 20 minutes. Then we started to get ready to hit the road. %26quot;Im going to bring you home, honey.%26quot; Nancy said. %26quot;Five more minutes?%26quot; I asked hopefully. I hoped with all of my heart she would cave in one more time and let me stay just alittle bit longer. %26quot;Well you can%26#039;t stay here forever. I got to bring you home sometime.%26quot; She told me. We got ready. %26quot;Bye Lindy.%26quot; I said. I was hoping for her to say goodbye back. But there was nothing. %26quot;Oh well.%26quot; I told myself. %26quot;Maybe next time.%26quot; I thought. I was going to miss Lindy! I loved that bird! She was so cute! I really didnt want to leave Nancy%26#039;s house. It was so fun. We always had fun together. It was such a bummer knowing that I had to leave after all of the fun we had. I put on my shoes and I went out to her car. She hopped in also and it was a long drive. The car drive lasted almost 20 minutes. We arrived at my house and I had to say goodbye to Nancy. %26quot;Alrite bye honey. I love you%26quot; Nancy said as she gave me a kiss on the cheek. %26quot;See ya. I love you too.%26quot; I said as I left her car and walked into my house. I knew that Nancy and I were going to be the bestest friends forever. I loved her to death!!!

Is this normal or what?
Is the answer 5?
Reply:I don%26#039;t get what the point of this story was. What do you mean by normal or not? It was just some exceedingly long story about how great your day went with some older lady. I thought the older lady was going to be some type of rapist molester lmao. Report It

Reply:WTF ??????????
Reply:This one - at band camp ...
Reply:oh come on milk it for all its worth
Reply:did I miss the punch line?
Reply:that%26#039;s way too long
Reply:that was way too long............................WTF

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Does anyone know what my toy is?

there are 2 i need to id. they are both from the same set, i can%26#039;t remember what they are. they both have 1995 NFE on them.

the first is a pearly white unicorn. it has yellow clear legs and hooves. there%26#039;s pearly white just above her hooves too. it has a yellow tail with a pink hard plastic decroration around it. there are 5 raised purple gem-cut looking spot on her hips. her nose is clear yellow, as is her horn. her mane is pink and gold plastic, not hair. she has a gold decoration around her neck, with a clear %26quot;gem%26quot; in a pink setting. there%26#039;s a clear spot on her head. the box (which i no longer have) said to put her up to light and she glows. she came with a gold and pink saddle with clear pink wings attached. the saddle is removable.

the next toy i need help with is a girl figure. she has black hair with purple highlights. she has a purple sheer cape and a teal green sheer robe. her body is teal green leotard with purple shoes. she came with a little purple dragon that sits on arm

Does anyone know what my toy is?
Did you try looking on ebay to find something similar that might help you identify yours? Good Luck!
Reply:my little pony
Reply:It may be My Little Pony. But also sounds similar to the pony in Rainbow Bright!
Reply:The unicorn sounds like it%26#039;s from the %26quot;He Man %26amp; Shera%26quot; toys. here%26#039;s a URL

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Need creative ideas for game?

I%26#039;m having a scavenger hunt and i was wondering if anyone had any good ideas, these are a few for example

1. Icee a car-5 pts

2. Ask a stranger for a piggyback ride-10 pts

3. Cause a scene in public-5 pts

4. Get help from someone-25 pts

5. Run down Tremont street without pants-30 pts

6. Eat an earth worm-5 pts

7. Steel a lawn decoration-20 pts

8. Get thrown out of a store-25 pts

9. French kiss a stranger-25 pts

10. Egg a house-25 pts

11. Ride a shopping cart into a bush-15 pts

12. Ask out a prostitute-50 pts

13. Use any pick-up lines to a random person-10 pts

14. Take a picture with random person with pants down-35 pts.

15. Buy a mclovin t shirt-5 pts

16. Buy a chicken burger from mcdonalds-30 pts

17. Put Dog crap in a mailbox-15pts With BARE hands-20 pts

18. Do 30 push-ups-20 pts

19. Get a girl’s bra-30 pts

20. Dig a 3-foot hole jump in and get filled up to your head-15 pts

21.Tip a Cow-35 pts

22.Get service without shirt or shoes-15 pts

Need creative ideas for game?
sing a silly song to a stranger

wear your underware on the outside of your clothes and walk in to a store

( for the guys) place a small strip of duct tape to your legs and give your self a mini wax!!
Reply:*Legally change your name to %26#039;Prince%26#039;.

30 pts
Reply:Most of those aren%26#039;t very proper, and polite things to do. Imagine if one day, you go to work, and you come back to see that your car has been egged by a couple of teenagers. But I guess It%26#039;s fun for you. Well, here%26#039;s one example

-Try to communicate by using using hand motions the whole day-999999999999999999 points


Is this a good hairstyle for prom? will it suit me?

this is the hairstyle i like:

this is my dress:

(the style the adult is wearing and in slightly darker blues.

this is my necklace and hair decoration: (the ones in the bottom right hand corner)

these are my shoes:

this is my bag:

(the one the lady in the top right corner is holding, sorry its so small part of the site seems to be down)

Im 4%26quot;11 tall and i have mousey brown long hair. I have blue eyes and a slightly roundish face.

do you think the hair suits the rest of my outfit?

and will it suit me?

thanks alot!

Is this a good hairstyle for prom? will it suit me?

go for it girl! it%26#039;ll look amazing!

any chance you could help me about my prom dress? and help with accessories, shoes, hairstyles etc????

coz you got it girl, and i could really use your help :)

have great prom!

Reply:Your going to look beautiful
Reply:Will look amazing :) xx
Reply:sounds great :) I would go for whiter shoes, though.

The hairstyle looks really pretty, but I think that if you shrank the style by just a bit, then it would be better.

I%26#039;m sure you%26#039;ll look gorgeous for prom.
Reply:i think they would go together amazingly

i just suggest

white or blue shoes instead of the beige


but they hair style would match wonderfully
Reply:yea i think it%26#039;ll suit the outfit because of your hair and jewelry choice (the tiara with the pretty updo) and wow the outfit is beautiful i%26#039;ll bet u%26#039;ll look great :)
Reply:Im sure the hair style will suit you, and deff goes with the dress. The only thing i didnt like was the hair decoration, id go for something a LITTLE more tiara-ish :)

Have fun and enjoy ya prom! xx
Reply:yes i think you%26#039;ll look nice, it will make ur neck look longer and show off ur cheekbones. Your dress is lush btw XD
Reply:Ja%26#039;Adore it. Lots and lots. (: the dress is cute and the shoes are adorable. I think i might buy them. Lolz.

My suggestion it to wear your hair down and curly to offset the the roundness of your face, BUT if not, the hair should be finnnnnee.
Reply:i think it will look really great! the dress, hairstyle, jewelery, the bag, and everything else looks really nice.

The dress is really beautiful, and the color should complement your blue eyes.

hope that helps!

^_^ Deedee!
Reply:Everything%26#039;s really nice. The hair style depends on the thickness of your hair though. If your hair%26#039;s thick it will look great but if it%26#039;s thinner just be prepared for it to look different. Everything will look amazing put together.

performing arts

It's me again with the green dress.Please help.?

Here is the dress;

1. I think I%26#039;ll wear gold shoes. close toe heels or strappy wedge, which one is a better choice?

2. Gold bracelet,necklace,earings-which of these I should wear if I already wear a gold wedding ring?

3. I%26#039;m thinking about hair updo. If I choose to wear earings, will putting gold decoration(like clips or ribbon,etc.) on the hair be too much?

Thanks a lot in advanced!

It%26#039;s me again with the green dress.Please help.?
1.The dress is pretty long but strappy wedge would be fine.

2.Only earrings if you wearing hear down, a necklace if wearing hair up.

3.Nothing in your hair, but if you do put something in your hair make it one piece and do not wear anything else except for your ring and earrings.
Reply:1. For the shoes, I don%26#039;t think wedges will do. Strappy sandal heels would be nice, or even a closed toe gold slingback would be a good suggestion.

2. Since gold complements green so well, wear the gold bracelet and earrings. Depending on the length and glitziness of the earrings, you can keep the necklace. Usually, you%26#039;d skip the necklace if you%26#039;re wearing a long decorated earring, but if the necklace is understated, wear all three.

3. The dress is off the shoulders, so I%26#039;d suggest you wear your hair up. Wearing dangle earrings would really bring out your face. But skip the ribbon. If you%26#039;re going to use a jeweled hair comb to put your hair up, then maybe. But if you%26#039;re wearing hair decorations, keep them to a minimum, because you already have the earrings and necklace as embellishments.

Have fun!
Reply:1. gold shoes sound good. i wouldnt really go with closed toe , maybe something strappy.

2. since the dress goes off the shoulder i would wear a necklace. go with something simple.

3. If you do an updo, wear gold earring...maybe dangling or big round ones. i wouldnt put a ribbon in your hair, maybe a beaded clip though....

Good Luck :D

visual arts

Have you ever bought anything from an infomercial commercial or "As Seen On TV" product?

I have a list

1. Ab Roller-use it as a towel hanger now

2. A pink stain remover that you mix with hot water, I bought it get the ink stain from my fav. shorts, product didn%26#039;t work.

3. This arch thing for your shoes so your legs and feet won%26#039;t hurt. Made my feet hurt instead.

3. A chopper for the vegetales. Another waste of my money-took too much time, better to use a knife

4. A hand held steamer, the grease would build on the little scrubber and had to clean it all the time. Took too much, again better to clean the old fashion way.

5. One of those things you plug into the wall so the roaches wouldn%26#039;t come. didn%26#039;t work either.

6. Gazelle- another excerise equipment is that there for decoration.

Did the product work that you bought? I would say the only that would work in the abe roller (bought for $100 now its like $20). But I get lazy, you know exercise for a few days then stop.

Have you ever bought anything from an infomercial commercial or %26quot;As Seen On TV%26quot; product?
your numbers 3 and 4

yes and a lot more..

they make it look so so good

then when you get it in the mail

it is smaller and does not work like on TV

good luck
Reply:No i don%26#039;t buy anything i see advertised on tv

makeup tips

VERY strict uniform rules....HELP?

I go to a school where I have extremely strict uniform regulations. Here they are:

Uniform shirt, plain white undershirt

Uniform skirt

uniform shoes and socks, socks must be crew length

Uniform jackets, jackets mustn%26#039;t have any sort of decoration on it besides the school regulated one

No glittery or too dark makeup, nothing unnatural

No dying hair any un-natural colors or getting funky highlights.

Hair accessories must be the school colors and we can%26#039;t have a bunch.

No jewlery except for jewlery approved by the school. No rings, one pair of uniform earrings.

No nail polish

No putting buttons on your clothes

Is there any way possible to express your inner self through all of this red tape? My style is goth/emo and punky. Any help at all would be really great.

VERY strict uniform rules....HELP?
ouch-- do people actually all follow this? anyway. hmmm i need to think.

how about hair ribbons? can you wear those? it depends on your school colors but there are options in those.

one thing is if you carry a purse.. get a very bright or unusual print bag, one that noone else could possibly have--maybe like vintage or something.

%26amp; i dunno maybe decorate your own backpack ( did you know you can make one out an old leather briefcase?).

also decorate your notebooks(maybe on the inside or just one side so you can hide it if you need to) pictures, fabric, and stuff.

how about shoes? wear some really cute ones if you%26#039;re allowed to.

gosh hope i helped.
Reply:oh, wow, my style is emo/punk too and i would die if i had to do that! well personally i dont think it would be a good idea and ur parents would get REALLY mad but i would wear my regular clothes, screw that. if they are going to make CLOTHES that big a deal then id rather be kicked out then be stuck in a place like that...but, if u must, you could COVER your backpack/messenger bag with buttons and such because those dont count as clothes. but really, with those strict of rules, they sure as hell dont leave a lot of room for individual expression...
Reply:wow when u said strict u weren%26#039;t kidding ... i really cant think of anything especially since i dont know like wat ur school colors are and stuff ... sry i wasnt much help
Reply:are there any restrictions on what kind of backpack you can have? if not, goth/emo/punk the hell out of it! pins, patches, whatever you can put on there to make it YOU.

and if you do, wow, im really sorry. this is one of the strictest uniforms ive, ever....

christ, they even tell you what color your hair can be....

i vote for a school wide rebellion, like in the pink floyd song.
Reply:That is very strict! wow. well, I would try and jazz up that uniform as best as you can. like for the no unatural, well try clear lipgloss and mascara, can barley tell that is there.

Or just rebel :-P
Reply:you could dye your hair black unless it already is thats goth-ish hope i helped sarah
Reply:The only way to really shine through in your strict uniformity is to be extreme in your personality. If you can%26#039;t wear it, then show it. YOU HAVE TO STICK IT TO THE MAN! But, you must follow the rules. Be as extreme as you can without breaking the rules. Oh, yeah, loopholes help, too!! ♥
Reply:funky printed socks, belt, or a tie, converse, a vest(from target maybe), french manicure with diffrent funky colors....(purple and silver...etc) good luck!
Reply:that how it was in my old school, i went there 4 two years. the first year was sooo hard for me. the 2nd year was a piece of cake because i got use to the rules. its not that bad
Reply:You could try and rebel but that will just get you in trouble. You should just be yourself and do what you want when you aren%26#039;t in school.
Reply:poor you

your bag thats how you could express yourself!!!!
Reply:This is the reason for the uniforms, SO you DON%26#039;T express yourself. The don%26#039;t want one person to think they are better than the other by what they wear.
Reply:im very sorry, but ur uniform is too strict


Reply:Use your hair- not color, style. Get a funky, piecy cut. Also, do you wear glasses? If so, you can get some really fun frames. Good luck!! =]]
Reply:You could wear a studded (or any other) belt with the skirt?
Reply:what about headbands ??
Reply:OMG its SOOO horrible. Guess what.... Get over it. It%26#039;s just clothes. At least the less fortunate won%26#039;t get judged now. And besides, if you really care about buttons on your clothes and **** then you%26#039;re STUPID. Waste your time on something better like ways to HELP instead of complain.
Reply:Oh.. Well That suckks.. But just get a really cute funky haircutt .. somethinnn like thiss ..


Then just wear a cute Headband likee thoose ones that are Thin in like White.. But make it funky likee those cute one with the bows .. or get cute different ones Try colours if they dont let then just ask the ppl who work at the stores for specific colours like white and blue or w.e your school colours are .. umm Are do Cool different hairstyles like pigtails! LOL orr Mouseing it upp orr Braiding it on 2 orr Straightening itt.. orr vulumizing itt n stuff like thatt also wear makeup likee Mascara orr if they LETT also eyeliner is cute too .. umm Also your bagg make your Bag Totally personall.. like get a cute original one... uniquee one that only You have.. andd othr then thatt stand out in Makrs orr Personalityy.. likee have a Totally Awsome personality orr Awsome Markss .. =]

Thats all i could think off right noww .. =] %26lt;33 good luckk..
Reply:Mkay, so.. I%26#039;ve been sorta there, in two situations.. But, anyway.. I would show my personality through my hair. Like if you are feeling... Let%26#039;s say.. Bubbly! (I like that word) You could like do ringlets in your hair. Volumize it when you are feeling... Idk, you get the idea, Right? If that is not acceptional.. Then be a great person, like singout64 said. guuuud.

Reply:maybe a cute charm bracelet. or a big pearl necklace and bracelet, or putting your hair in a cute way, like in waves or curly. good luck!

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